Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tate Tillman

Here is Mr. Tate's birth story. I love to hear stories, so here's tate's! 
It's quite exciting -just ask spencer, there was enough excitement to last him a lifetime. 
(ready to go to the hospital)
My due date was June 17, but my dr was going out of town, so I was scheduled to be induced on June 11. I was hoping to go into labor on my own before the 11th, but that didn't happen.
I had everything ready for us to go in Tues morning, house was spotless, dishes, laundry done, bags packed and ready to go. Monday and really the whole weekend before we did as much as we could with B, went to the splash pad, picnics in the park, went to sundance, we tried to spend a lot of time with just her before the babes came. 
Tues morning we got up early, got all ready, (they said to be ready to leave when you call in)  and called in at 7 am to see if we were still on for today and if we could come in and they said to call back at 9. Hm, bummer but B was still sleeping, so that was okay.
We called at 9 and we got bumped to Wednesday June 12, such a bummer! Bleh. I was so excited to go in and had everything ready. So we went to Jamba, to my parents and just took it easy that day. We even went for a long walk to see if he wanted to come on his own ;) We made sure everything was ready again that night, woke up early again the next morning, got all ready and made the call at 7am.

This time they said to come in!! It's game time! 
We got Blayke up, got her dressed, grabbed our bags, dropped off Blayke at my parents, my dad was watching her, and my mom came with us to the hospital. 
We got to the hospital around 8, checked in, I got changed and they came in and started an IV of pitocin.

At 9am my dr came in and broke my water. I was a 2 and 60% effaced.

By 10am, I was a 4, they told me I better get an epidural before 11 or I wouldn't be able to get one until after 2 because the anesthesiologist was going into a c-section.
I had been progressing really fast and it looked like it wouldn't be a really long labor (that was before the epidural, which slowed things down) At 10:30 I got the epidural, my contractions were every 2 mins and in the last hour they got really strong and painful really fast. I got my epidural, he put it in but it hit a capillary so he had to take that one out and start over. Getting an epidural in between contractions just sucks to do it twice.
My epidural slowed my progress down, I basically progressed 1 cm each hour.
I was STARVING all day, but of course I couldn't eat so I got to eat ice. Then they gave me popsicles, yum, I had at least 4 grape Popsicles and a lot of ice, finally they started flavoring the ice for me, haha.
Spence and my mom were great, I'm sure they were so bored, but I had fun! We watched tv, they got me what I needed, they helped me turn side to side. Blayke was doing great with my dad, he even got her down for a nap, that's impressive since she's usually too excited to sleep at gg and papa's.
Finally at 5:00pm I was a 10! YAY!!! My dr came in, had me try 1 push to see if the babes would move and come down a bit since he was still pretty far back and he did!
At 5:45 I started pushing. About a half hr later they had me turn on my side to push a couple of times, apparently that did it, and he was ready!!!
My Dr came in at 6:20, I pushed a couple of times and here he dr said he had hair and I started crying, I was so excited to see him, I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I was so happy. 
Then things changed very fast. His cord was wrapped really tight around his neck, as he was coming out the cord was only getting tighter. She had to pull on the 'slack'  of the cord to get her finger under there around his neck to clamp and cut the cord (she didn't see the cord but always feels for it just in case, which basically saved his life).  Spencer was going to cut his cord, I had blankets laid on top of me so they could put him on me as soon as he came out. None of that happened, she had me push one more time, out he came, she immediately passed him to a nurse who took him to the other side of the room and literally started yelling for respiratory to come in.
There were 10 more people in our room in seconds. 
He wasn't crying, he wasn't making a sound. Every second seemed like forever.
They started ventilating him, trying to get him to start breathing. I'm bawling in the bed and I keep thinking how this could not be happening and literally just praying to hear a cry and for him to pull though. My dr was great though, she kept telling me what they were doing, that they were doing everything they could and that he was just stunned.
 After a minute or so both Spencer and my mom went over to take a look at him while everyone was working on him, my mom turned around crying hoping I wouldn't know she was crying. Spencer was looking out the window crying, he wasn't getting any better.
 He was blue, he wasn't moving at all. 
The whole world stopped. 
My pregnancy was perfect, my labor was perfect, he was monitored all day and they kept mentioning how great he was doing and how perfect he was. 
I was so nervous to even get pregnant a second time, all I wanted was to prove to myself and others that I can have a healthy baby, and that what happened to Blayke was not my fault, or any dr's fault but it is who she is and that's perfect.
Exactly 5 minutes after he was born he started making noise, the nurses who were with him started saying that he was going to be okay and were basically yelling across the room asking if I could hear him.
I heard him, my baby boy was making noise, he's moving, and he's going to be okay!
They had to take him straight to the nursery to do some tests and monitor him, but before they did my dr asked if they would weigh him and let me see him before he goes. 
He was 8 pounds 9 oz, holy smokes, I was not expecting that! (2 lbs more than Blayke)
We found out the next day he was 21.5 inches long! (2 inches longer than B)
They brought him to me and I got to hold him for about 15 seconds, gave him a kiss and he had to go.
(clearly i was a wreck, but so happy)
It was the longest and worst 5 minutes of my life. We are so so grateful that he pulled through and made it. We found out his heart rate stayed above 100 the whole time, his brain was getting oxygen the whole time, so no permanent damage was done. When he was 1 minute old his apgar score was 1, when he was 5 minutes he was an 8! They said he bounced back so fast they were so impressed and knew just by the way he came back so fast and so well that he was going to be okay. Apparently right before babies are born they have a little reserve of oxygen stored up, that really helped him.
Tate Tillman Denham was born June 12 at 6:35pm!

After all of that they cleaned up the room so Blayke could come in with my dad. Spence and my mom went to the nursery to see Tate and brought in B and my dad. It was so good to see them. My dad was even a little emotional after hearing on his way in what happened. I wanted to record B coming in for the first time to see her brother, but funny how all of that can seem so insignificant after something like that. When she came in, he was still in the nursery but she was just happy to see everyone else!

They were ready to take me to my new room, this was about an hour after he was born. They were taking me to the nursery first to go try to feed Tate. Spen and a nurse got me in a wheelchair and we went to the nursery. My parents and Blayke went to our new room. Long story short, I had just gotten Tate and felt a sharp pain in my back, then it happened again and I felt really sick really fast. I told Spence, take the baby, I think i'm going to pass out, and get the nurse! He took Tate, the nurse came in, and started pushing me out of the nursery in the wheelchair, the last thing I remember is seeing Spencer holding tate and giving him to another nurse and then, I passed out.
My head was hanging down in the wheelchair, my hair hanging all around, Madison and Heidi were in our room too, both Mad and my mom thought i was playing a joke when they first saw me with my head down like that.
They took me to my room and long, gross, story short, I hemorrhaged.
 Spen and 2 nurses stood me up to put me in bed and blood gushed everywhere. Luckily they got blayke out of the room before that happened, apparently they asked everyone to leave. My dad saw all the blood and couldn't leave the room, I feel so bad, both him and spence thought i was going to die! I remember seeing my brothers foot when they brought me in the room, I heard them say she can't stand, and them starting to stand me up, then I was out again. Apparently I was unconscious for about 20 minutes, (I thought it was like 2 mins!) The next thing I remember is waking up to a nurse in my face telling me to wake up, that everything was okay, and asked if I could hear her. Spence was on my other side doing the same thing. I had an oxygen mask on and I remember feeling like I could finally breathe! 
There were nurses all over, they gave me a ton of medicine to make my uterus start contracting and kept pushing on my stomach. A Dr came in to check things out, my dr was in a c-section. Luckily I didn't need a d&c or a blood transfusion, my levels stayed surprisingly high for how much blood I lost, 3 pints (1000ml or 2 lbs) They kept changing my sheets because they were soaked in blood. They put me on morphine and that combined with the other meds made my body crazy. That lasted a while, spencer kept thinking I was trying to tell him something but my body was shaking so bad I was making a "zzzz" sound I guess!
The whole thing was about an hr and a half, Spence, my dad were there the whole time, my mom was in and out since Blayke was there then mad and heidi took Blayke so my mom could come in. When it was all over they brought B in, she didn't even mind my oxygen mask, she was having too much fun with everyone there!

We finally got to see Tate again at about 10pm, it was spencer's first time holding him, I had to wait since I was a little too weak.
Blayke saw Tate on her way out in the nursery.

My mom and Dad and Blayke came back the next morning and got to hold him for the first time!

Blayke just loves him! 
She knew we were going to get Baby Tate :)

B and T exchanged gifts :) 
Blayke kept saying 'wow, thank you baby tate!'

We got a steak dinner while we were there from the hospital, yum!

Tate is doing amazing! I call him a dream baby because he is, he's just a dream! He's so good (knock on wood), great eater, great sleeper, he's the best! If you move him and he doesn't want to be moved he makes this little scream, its hilarious and so cute!

Blayke has been a great older sister and has adjusted really well. She loves to help with baby Tate, always grabbing a diaper and wipes or whatever he needs without me even asking. She loves to hear about when she was a baby too.

I'm doing good, the day we came home though I got a Spinal headache from the epidural, oh my gosh, it's the worst. It really is the worst headache you could ever have plus neck/back stiffness, you feel like you can't even turn your head. Basically spinal fluid is leaking out because they hit something when the epidural went in. The only way to feel better is laying down and drinking coke, that's exactly what I did (percocet and motrin didn't even help), even sitting up was killer.

Spence has been great. My headache lasted 4 days- all I did was basically come downstairs for the day to lay on the couch and try to take care of tate while he took care of Blayke. He was so helpful getting all of us what we needed, he cooked, he cleaned the house, he was great!

When he had to go back to work on monday and I still had the headache, my mom came and got me and the kids and took us to her house for the day, which was great since I really couldn't do anything, especially take care of blayke. She brought us dinners, she cleaned our house when she dropped us off, it was great! Thank you mom!

Our new ward has been great too, we're still getting dinners, they're amazing!

We're finally starting to get back to normal around here, it's been quite the recovery, I'm so glad to start feeling better and more like myself.

See, there was a lot of excitement! 
Spencer is now pretty set on just having 2 kids after what happened to Tater's and I, but we'll see.

Happy Birthday Mr Tate, we're SO SO happy you are here safe and sound!
I mean, seriously....PRECIOUS.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


We're building a house!
(did I just say that? It's so surreal!)

We found it in December, in Jan when we got back from Az, we wrote up an official offer and started the building process.

We've been out there every week to see the progress, except for while Blayke was in the hospital, 2 weeks was the longest we've gone without seeing it.

They're at the fun part now, they're putting in all the things we picked out like flooring, cabinets, counters, painted the walls and the trim, its exciting to see it all come together.

Here are some pictures from the beginning of Jan up to about a week ago.

basement walls/foundation

basement being framed

Garage pad, and the main floor
[those are apts behind us- part of a different community- they're expensive, $1000 for a 1 bed?
We like that we won't be backing up to another house right behind us]

Main floor framed!

The upstairs floor, no walls :)

Main floor

Family room

Kiddies bath

Master bedroom

That's ours with the workers on top!

Drywall in master



Trim on and painted

2 tone paint being done

Master closet :)

2 tone paint done in kitchen!

Family room


Stone, stucco, and that cute little light are done! 
The door and the accent color above the garage just need painted.


And this little precious standing in her soon to be new room!
(she has already changed rooms on us, that was going to be the babies room, but now it's hers ;)

We're so excited and grateful to be building this house where we can finally settle down for a bit. 
We've moved 7 times in 4 years.
No bueno. 

They are finishing up this week and next and we should be closing in the next week or two! 
[it's a good thing since I am 34 weeks and prefer to have the baby once we've moved since I have no idea where anything is] :/